Famous Bands from Ipswich

Famous Bands from Ipswich

Here at Guitar Lessons Ipswich, we love to inspire our guitar students with stories of musicians that have gone on to international fame after starting out in Ipswich! We have a lot to be proud of here in Ipswich with some seriously successful musicians, including Nik Kershaw and John Mayhew (Genesis), as well as one extremely scary gothic band named Cradle of Filth! To help inspire you too here is a quick bio of some of Ipswich's most famous musicians.

Nik Kershaw is one most talented musicians Ipswich has ever produced, a teenage heartthrob in the 80s with his song I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me reaching number two in the UK single charts and staying in the UK Singles Charts for a staggering 50 weeks, a record beating all other soloists at that time. Yet it was Kershaw’s unbelievable natural writing ability that sets him apart, having penned hits for Chesney Hawkes’s number one UK single The One and Only, as well as for Let Loose and The Hollies. Having worked with some of the greats in the music business including Elton John and Bonnie Tyler Kershaw remains one of Ipswich’s most successful musicians and recording artists.

John Mayhew was the third drummer of the internationally famous band Genesis, replaced by a certain Phil Collins after only a year in the band. Nonetheless, Mayhew’s influence on Genesis sound was notable with the album Trespass being driven by his rhythmic beats. He was well known for his good nature, turning down excessive tour money as £10 per week (£180ish in current money) was more than enough for him. After his dismissal from Genesis Mayhew disappeared for many years, not collecting his royalties from the Trespass album, it was not until 2006 when he attended a Genesis convention that anything was heard from him – some twenty-five years later!

The Adicts, one of Englands most popular punk bands during the 80s, are still going strong. With their unusual performance wardrobe, with all the members wearing all white, with black hats and shoes, while lead singing Keith Warren wears full Joker make-up, the band's fusion of punk with uptempo upbeat music made them distinct from other punk bands. Perhaps their most famous song, Viva La Revolution, used more recently on Tony Hawk's Underground video game exemplifies this. Although The Adicts have not been very commercially successful, with only one album entering the UK album charts at number 99 in 1982 despite a thirty-year career, the band is still rocking audiences worldwide recently playing the Memorial Day weekend festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cradle of Filth, formed in 1991, is a gothic metal band scary enough to unnerve even the most hardened metal band. Somewhat surprisingly the band has gathered a commercial image in the mainstream having made appearances at the Ozzfest and Download festivals. Their first album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, released in 1994 was received well by critics and fans, with the album being named in June 2006 by Metal Hammer as one of the top ten black metal albums of the last twenty years. Cradle of Filth’s fantastically named lead singer, Dani Filth’s vocals was even more extreme on their second album Dusk... and Her Embrace which gained the band a large fan base throughout Europe and America. Their infamous merchandise also helped keep them in the public eye, with satanic slogans often perceived to be offensive by a government who would ban them – sending the orders of the t-shirts skyrocketing. Having released a further eight studio albums since 1996 Cradle of Filth have been increasingly accepted into mainstream metal, with Nymphetamine (2004) reaching number 89 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, selling just under 14,000 copies and Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder (2008) reaching number 48 in the Billboard Top 200 chart. The band, despite numerous line-up changes, are still going strong – who knows how mainstream they will get one day!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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