Our Guitar Lessons

Our Guitar Lessons

I know just what it feels like to go to your first guitar lesson, I was there once too! You really have nothing to be worried about though as great teacher have a way of relaxing you, helping you to concentrate on learning to play the song that you are passionate about.

I teach both electric and acoustic guitar, covering all styles so no matter what type of music you listen to I have the guitar lessons that will get you playing along with it. I am focused on enabling my students to learn through the music that they enjoy, encouraging to practise it at home and develop their skills through my individually tailored guitar lessons. I teach all ages as well, so whether you a eight or eighty we can build a course of guitar lessons that will have you playing in no time. For more information about my guitar lessons just get in touch by calling 01473 922480.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Electric & Acoustic Guitar

My guitar lessons are specially tailored to help you learn guitar even faster. With the songs we learn driven by your musical taste our guitar lessons are always fun and engaging. I teach loads of beginners all the way up to advanced guitarists so whatever your level I can help you achieve your aims on guitar!

I teach many of my students in the comfort of their own homes and I would be happy to come to you to teach as well.

Interested in learning guitar? Don't hesitate to give me an email to arrange your first lesson or to find out more.

Tom is a fantastic local guitar teacher who taught me to play guitar with speed and confidence! He is a friendly and knowledgable teacher.