Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Ipswich

Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Ipswich

Here at Guitar Lessons Ipswich, we are never more proud than when we hear that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time! It is an awesome experience and something every young musician should aspire to do! To help local bands along the way we have compiled a short list of what we consider to be the best local recording studios to record your first EP in! Enjoy! So in no order...

Springvale Studios

Springvale Studios located at Hadleigh Road, IP8 3AS, is a state of the art recording studio with some excellent recording equipment rentable from just £25 per hour, ideal for up and coming local bands recording their first EP! Owned and ran by experienced studio engineer Mark Fairfax-Harwood who established Springvale Studios way back in 1986 you are guaranteed to get a fantastic recording. The studios also offer rehearsal rooms rentable for £19 for four hours - a seriously reasonable rate! Well worth checking Springvale Studios out if you are a local band, great set up!

Punch Studios

Punch Studios is a fantastic recording and rehearsal facility located at 6 South Street, IP1 3NU, right in the centre of town! They are two well-furnished rehearsal rooms (see the picture!) are rentable for just £30 for four hours with the backline, a PA system and drum kit (minus breakables) as standard. Punch Studios also provides excellent recording facilities rentable for £300 for 12 hour day or £200 per 8 hour day perfect for recording a four-song EP or a short album! Well worth checking Punch Studios out if you are looking for rehearsal space within Ipswich.

HVR Studios

HVR Studios is a brand new recording studio opened up in Ipswich only a few summers ago! The newly furnished facility boasts all the latest recording equipment located in a relaxed and friendly environment. HVR Studios has had great reviews from musicians that have recorded there, with the quality of the recording evident in the professional sounding tracks that bands have left the studio with. Danny, the owner of HVR Studios, has had many years of experience within the music industry supporting some of the biggest bands in the world including Metallica, Lamb of God and Fun Loving Criminals - you will be in safe hands! Rentable for just £225 - £275 per a 10 hour day, depending what time of year, HVR Studios is certainly one of the best places local bands should go to record their EP's. Especially ideal for metal bands with the studio having huge experience producing metal bands records!

Groove UK

Groove UK is another interesting idea to consider if you are a local band wanting to record your first EP. Rather than going to a studio David Parker, a professional sound engineer will come to you with his mobile recording studio. Rentable for just £50 per 5-hour session Groove UK is by far the cheapest option & ideal if you are wanting to record a few demos but don't have the money to go into a full studio. David's equipment is great quality and you will certainly come away with a good rough take of the songs!

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